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Open Futures actively operates as a Market Maker. Market Making is a process wherein a company quotes both buy and sell prices for securities, intending to make a profit on the bid-ask spread. Due to the advancements in technology that allow trades of high volumes to take place within a second, the profits add up to large amounts. Market makers satisfy the supply and demand of markets, thus increasing liquidity, lowering transaction costs, and overall making the process more efficient and markets more stable. We provide liquidity in thousands of products at a large number of exchanges.
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The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
– Steve Jobs

At Open Futures, one gets the opportunity to go beyond their roles and enhance their knowledge and skills. We encourage and facilitate the all-round growth of our employees. Rewards lie in the challenges one accepts for themselves, and here at Open Futures, we provide plenty of them, enabling our employees to explore their potential. Confidence and commitment, boosted by a positive work environment, lend themselves to excellent performances every time.

Open Futures recruits actively from campuses for Trading and Technology positions. Knowledge of trading or derivatives is not a prerequisite; we will train you with the knowledge you need to succeed. We seek students who are academically strong and motivated to achieve. Submit your resume directly through the campus recruiting email.

A career in trading with Open Futures is the best starting point for your long-term career. To ensure consistent derivatives knowledge and skills across the firm, Open Futures uses a systematic approach that prepares new hires to become successful traders. We offer one of the most comprehensive trader training programs in the industry. Our training program includes:

Training, Electronic Mock Trading, on the job Training, Introduction to Software Development and a Mentor Program.

Open Futures offers outstanding opportunities for those interested in joining our technology team. Because technology provides the foundation for all our trading activity, Open Futures invests substantial resources in systems, market data, hardware and networks. Our software development team builds customised real-time trading and risk management systems. We gather requirements from traders, then architect and write software that fits their business needs. In-house software development provides a true competitive edge with an ongoing ability to modify trading platformss functionality, test new trading strategies and fine-tune existing trading strategies.
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